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Natural, feminine beauty requires nothing more but adequate care, that is why, we called our cosmetics bishojo, which means a beautiful girl in Japanese. Analysing Japanese women’s attitude to their skin care habits, we have created a line of cosmetics for simple and effective rituals.

Bishojo products meet the most important requirements from the skin of all ages. They provide it with everyday cleansing, moisturizing and regeneration. You can combine Bishojo cosmetics to create as many steps of daily care as you need. You will always find time for doing it.


Beauty tips

For centuries, Japanese women have used facial massage – a system of rubs and pressings during the application of skin care cosmetics. When used regularly, it improves skin tone, relaxes the skin and reduces its swelling. We invite you to introduce new habits to your daily care routine.

By using cosmetics in the right way, you will get even more of their beneficial effects. You will see to it that the active ingredients contained in our cosmetics would penetrate deeply into the skin.

Please have a look at a recommended skin care plan with Bishojo cosmetics and check it out by yourselves.

Step 1 makeup removal with Bishojo oil

Step 2 cleansing with Bishojo micellar lotion

Step 3 moisturizing with Bishojo hydra cream

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In Bishojo cosmetics, we take advantage of the strengthening properties of vegetable ceramides from Japanese yuzu fruit and vitamin-rich, organic Japanese camellia oil. Our formulas also contain moisturizing orchid extract, extracts of Japanese Pagoda tree and tara (Quechua) tree.

Light cream with a light texture for all skin types,
89% ingredients of natural origin.

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Moisturizing hydra cream

Intensively nourishing cream
enriched with Teflose prebiotic,
95% ingredients of natural origin.

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Regenerating nourishing cream

Oil dissolves makeup and allows it to be removed thoroughly,
97% ingredients of natural origin.

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Make-up removal oil

Micellar lotion thanks to its creamy consistency gently but effectively cleanses the skin,
96% ingredients of natural origin.

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Micellar lotion

Micellar fluid cleanses and refreshes the skin, does not leave a sticky film and does not irritate the skin,
97% ingredients of natural origin.

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Micellar fluid

Skin care plan with Bishojo cosmetics

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